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Block Diagram (FBD) is a graphical language for programmable logic controller design, that can describe the function between input variables and output variables. A function is described as a set of elementary blocks. Input and output variables are

connected to blocks by connection lines. Inputs and outputs of the blocks are wired together with connection lines, or links. Use the search form above to search over 700,000 articles in the Kiddle encyclopedia. Below is a list of some

articles and categories to help you research different topics. pH indicators. Certain dyes change colour depending on whether they are in an acid solution or an alkaline solution . pH indicator is a chemical compound added in small amounts to a solution so the pH (acidity or basicity) of the solution can be seen. The pH indicator is a chemical detector for hydronium ions (H 3 O +) or hydrogen ions (H +). Normally, the indicator causes the colour of the rather than to the individual atoms. When simple bonding occurs between two atoms, the pair of electrons forming the bond occupies an MO that is a mathematical combination of the wave functions of the atomic orbitals of the two atoms involved. Charge It! Electrons are the negatively charged particles of atom.Together, all of the electrons of an atom create a negative charge that balances the positive charge of the protons in the atomic nucleus. Electrons are extremely small compared

to all of the other parts of the atom. The mass of an electron is almost 1,000 times smaller than the mass of a proton. Chess is a board game for two players. It is played in a square board, made of 64 smaller squares, with eight squares on each side.Each player starts with sixteen pieces: eight pawns, two knights, two bishops, two rooks, one queen and one king. The goal of the game is for each player to try and checkmate the king of the opponent. Checkmate is a threat ('check') to the opposing king which no Combinatorics, also called combinatorial mathematics, the field of mathematics concerned with problems of selection, arrangement, and operation within a finite or discrete system. Included is the closely related area of combinatorial geometry. Hertzsprung-Russell diagram Hertzsprung-Russell diagram. Spectral type (a

measure of a star's temperature), following the order introduced by American astronomer Annie Jump Cannon, is plotted on the horizontal axis, and absolute magnitude (the intrinsic brightness of …

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